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Children of mentally ill parents

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A not inconsiderable 27 percent of all diseases in Western societies are already attributable to mental disorders, meaning that more than 83 million people are affected by mental illness (WHO, 2015). The securing of mental health for children and adolescents is regarded as highest priority as 75% of those with a mental illness developed it before the age of 18.

Therefore LBG announces a four-year funded interdisciplinary research programme focusing on mental health of children and adolescents with specific focus on:

The hereditary and environmental conditions of disease

In order to facilitate the successful start of excellent research, LBG plans to host an interactive and free-thinking workshop event, called an Ideas Lab. The aim of the Ideas Lab is to bring together a unique mix of expertise from various disciplines to form research teams that produce high quality research proposals. The emphasis will be placed on a cross-disciplinary approach to foster new collaborations and bring new thinking to the research challenges. This highly innovative method will encourage the cooperative generation of new ideas and will open possibilities for completely new research constellations and boundary spanning activities.

Our aim is that the Ideas Lab will enable researchers to perform interdisciplinary research projects, focusing on mental health for children and adolescents that will have a strong societal benefit, potentially taking revolutionary approaches to the complex challenges in this area.

It is expected that in total, up to EUR 1.5 Mio. (per year, i.e. EUR 6 Mio. for 2-3 Research Groups over a period of four years) will be available to fund several Ludwig Boltzmann Research Groups on Mental Health for Children and Adolescents formed around the Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators arising from this Ideas Lab. The Ludwig Boltzmann Research Groups on Mental Health for Children and Adolescents will primarily be based at Austrian Universities.