What are the 
research Challenges?

The Ideas Lab will serve as a catalyst to help scientists from various disciplines to generate research proposals within the scope of one or more of the following key research areas:

  • What new behavioural and biological biomarkers could be identified for developing new predictive and preventive measures for children with mentally ill parents?
  • How can new diagnostic tools and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) accelerate early detection of mental disorder symptoms in children with mentally ill parents (e.g. using educational institutions; during the treatment of mentally ill parents caring/ involving the children)? 
  • Which digital health tools (diagnostic and intervention) could be designed and where could they be applied in order to help children with parents who are mentally ill?
  • What new environmental intervention strategies could be developed for mentally ill children (of mentally ill parents)?
  • What new child-specific intervention strategies could be developed (e.g. trauma therapies for children)?
  • How does media consumption affect mental health of children with parents having a mental disorder?
  • How to de-stigmatise children of mentally ill parents?
  • How could individual scientific monitoring of the health status of children of mentally ill parents be designed?
  • What support structures should be developed (e.g. sociological, legal frameworks) for mentally ill parents and their children?